The thriller THE PERFECTION of Netflix was disappoints despite Allison Williams in movie

It seems that Netflix is too focused on creating bottlenecks instead of investing in content and drama for “The Perfection”.

With a curious trailer and the presence of Get Out’s female lead, Allison Williams, The Perfection of Netflix has made viewers eager to expect. But in fact, the film abuses too many sexual factors and unexpected knots without any necessary intimidation or horror with the horror label.

The main character of the film is talent music student Charlotte Willmore (Allison Williams). Because her mother was ill, she was forced to leave the course at the famous Bachoff Academy in Boston. After her mother die 10 years later, Charlotte contact her former teacher Anton (Steven Weber) and was invite to a new student selection meeting in Shanghai.

Here, she met Lizzie (Logan Browning) – the most famous star of Bachoff at that time.

The two girls quickly developed feelings and had a “burning night”. The next morning, Lizzie invited Charlotte on a trip to explore China. However, this is when all the trouble comes when Lizzie constantly vomits and feels like bugs are crawling in her body.

Netflix can make great episodes, but its movies are rarely seen. Their common weakness is the inclusion of many unexpected Nolan-style bottlenecks but lacking in the investment in content, logic or emotion. The Perfection is similar when owning up to 3 “overturned” screens throughout the duration but absolutely does not bring any drama.

From the beginning of the film. The audience easily realized that Charlotte had a different purpose when contacting her former teacher, not merely wanting to return to the old academy. The gruesome recollection that appears fleetingly not only intrigues but also makes her conspiracy clearer. Not only that, the relationship with Lizzie that night was very arrange as Charlotte skillfully used every method to attract the attention of the opponent.

Therefore, except for the confusion about Charlotte’s true purpose

What happened immediately did not bring too much surprise. The details go on and on in such a boring way that there’s no drama. Director Richard Shepard does not have the rhythm regulation to push the conflicts to the climax. The horror element of the work also mainly comes from disgusting images to nausea, without any suspense or feeling of suffocation.

Like many other Netflix flops, The Perfection just slips through the audience without leaving any impression except a somewhat haunting ending, some unnecessary hot scenes and flip-flops. “can be expect from many minutes ago. Perhaps, this huge online movie site should review how to do the works if you do not want to be out of breath when other competitors launch.

Condemn the brutality of education, but is that true?

After all, The Perfection, set in more than the first half of the film in China, is a work condemning harsh education, especially in Asian countries. This Eastern attitude appears in Anton’s lines throughout the film. When he always wants his students to be the best. For many parents, either their child should be in the first place or will be the disgrace of the whole family.

This inadvertently forces young playboys to be force into a harsh framework and seemingly oblivious to what childhood joys are. In the eyes of outsiders, they are no different from “torturing” and “brainwashing”. When it is these children who become parents who do the same thing to their children. It all turne into a giant spinning wheel over many generations and those who didn’t follow it were obviously thrown away.

Like Charlotte or Lizzie in the film, they can only be “enlightened”

When they have lost all “talent” and no longer have the strength to become a gear in that giant reel. However, The Perfection‘s perspective seems a bit too over-the-top and superficial when base on a specific industry like music that promotes not only talent but also hard work.

For example, in sports, all athletes must follow strict eating and exercise procedures from the young to maintain the best performance. Aren’t all brainwash? The reason why the characters in the movie want to escape is because Anton and the teachers in the academy “rape” they literally. This detail has nothing to do with education or harsh exercises at all.

It can be seen, The Perfection is a good idea work but the filmmakers’ implementation is not really good. Besides exploiting the superficial theme, the dramatic or horror element in the film is also not very impressive. The Perfection is currently on Netflix.


Rating: NR
Genre: Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Richard Shepard
Stars: Allison Williams, Logan Browning, Steven Weber
Written By: Nicole Snyder, Richard Shepard, Eric Charmelo
On Disc/Streaming: May 24, 2019
Runtime: 90 minutes
Studio: Netflix

Christy Lemire
This movie is insane and I totally dug it. I almost don’t want to talk about it… Just go see it and trust me on this.

Richard Brody
It’s a trite jumble that confronts its ripped-from-the-news theme as an impersonal check box.

David Fear
It’s not perfect – but in its own blood-splattered, limb-lopping way, it may be a particularly perfect thriller for this moment.

Adam Graham
It’s not just that Shepard sends viewers on a wild ride, it’s that he doesn’t tell them what kind of ride they’re on until it’s already in full swing.

Amanda Greever
For those who like their films a little darker than mainstream studios are willing to bankroll, The Perfection might be right for you. It’s dirty, messy moviemaking with a message.

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