Frozen 2 images forecast about new adventures ahead

New images releases from the hotly anticipated Frozen 2. And there are some hints to be had about the new adventures ahead for Anna and Elsa.

Frozen 2 will see Elsa, Anna, Christoph, Sven and Olaf embark on a brand new adventure to the north. Where powerful magic lies as they seek answers about the apocalyptic weather that has been distubing Arendelle.

Firstly, as Elsa explores and develops her own powers. She will come face to face with brand new beings and be shocked by some of the magic she encounters.

Beyond the mist. Elsa and Anna must try to find out what is causing the changes to their home and putting it in danger.

In addition, There will be a host of new characters…

And some flashbacks that may shed some light on Arendelle, the royal family. Maybe even more information about Elsa’s powers.

But it seems as though our core characters will be together for much of the action, which is sure to provide some cinematic magic.

Frozen 2 hits cinemas on November 22.

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