5 Reasons We Are Excited Zoë Kravitz Is The New Catwoman

One of the most interesting in the Batman is the news that Zoë Kravitz will be stepping in to play the role of Catwoman alongside Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader.

Here are some of the reasons we are excited Zoë Kravitz is the new Catwoman:

1. Excited: villain

Though she may have a bit more of a moral center than most of Batman’s villains, Catwoman is still very much on the bad guys’ team. She and Batman see eye-to-eye at times, but they are more often fighting each other. However, we haven’t really gotten to see that villainous side of Catwoman in the films yet.

The movies have always portrayed her as very much of an anti-hero who is easy to root for. The Batman could be an opportunity to explore more of the gray area of the character and make her a bit more complex.

2. Possible Joker connection

It has been said many times that Joker is a standalone movie that will not connect to the rest of the DCEU. While we’re sure it was made with that intention, after breaking so many box office records, Warner Bros. might have a change of heart.

There is a fan theory that suggests The Batman and Catwoman connect to the Arthur Fleck version of the Joker. The theory is that the daughter of Sophie (Zazie Beetz) will grow up to become Catwoman. If true, it might be an interesting way to connect the characters.

3. Kravitz and Pattinson

It’s always interesting to consider which actors will be paired as heroes and villains together in superhero films. With Batman and Catwoman, that pairing becomes even more interesting because of the characters’ dynamics together.

The idea of Kravitz and Pattinson sharing the screen as these two beloved characters is an incredibly exciting idea. Both are such intense and thrilling actors that we’re expecting their scenes together to be electric and we’re sure they’ll bring out the best in each other’s performances.

4. Kravitz’s skills

When considering the casting of any role, the only thing we really need to consider is whether or not the actor in question is talented. In Kravitz’s case, the answer is obviously a yes. She has proven her talent many times before and in a variety of roles.

With Matt Reeves helming the project and the talented cast involved, it bodes well for the film’s script. It will be exciting to see what new aspect Kravitz will bring to the iconic character and how she will make the role her own.

5. Action

With each new Batman film, it seems like the action is getting better and better. Here’s hoping the trend continues in The Batman and we are shown some truly amazing action sequences in the movie.

What would be especially entertaining is seeing Catwoman getting in on the action. The character is certainly capable of handling herself in a fight and her cat-burglar career could allow for some thrilling sequences as well. It could allow us to see the badass side of Catwoman that isn’t always shown in the movies.

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