5 Reasons We May Not Excited Zoë Kravitz Is The New Catwoman

Here are some of the reasons we may not excited Zoë Kravitz is the new Catwoman:

1. Love Interest

Catwoman and Batman have a long history in the comics. While they often find themselves on opposite sides of the law, they also share a pretty clear attraction to each other. In fact, in both Batman Returns and The Dark Knight Rises, this romance was depicted on the big screen.

We certainly expect that development between the characters to be featured in The Batman as well. But while some romance is not a bad thing, we do hope that Catwoman is given more to do than being a complicated love interest for the hero.

2. Well-known character

It can be fun to see iconic characters brought to life on the big screen in different variations and by different actors. However, sometimes it’s nice to see characters that don’t often appear in live-action adventures.

3. Young Cast

There was a bit of an outcry when Robert Pattinson was cast as Batman that he was still seen as the kid from Twilight. That perception was incredibly unfair, not only because Pattinson has given some amazing performance since Twilight, but also because he is far from a kid now.

Despite the fact that Pattinson is older than Christian Bale was in Batman Begins, there is a feeling that The Batman is being cast with members of young Hollywood. Kravitz’s casting adds to that feeling. And even though they are all talented actors, it could feel like we’re watching kids play superheroes.

4. Using Kravitz correctly

Kravitz has been building a steady career for herself as an actor over the last decade or so. She has been a part of some pretty high-profile projects like X-Men: First Class, Mad Max: Fury Road and Big Little Lies.

But despite the impressive resume, she has not been given many opportunities to really shine. Though she shows serious talent in her body of work, she hasn’t been given anything too substantial to date. Hopefully, the Catwoman role is something she can really work with and not another underwritten part.

5. Too many Villains

There are still a lot of details we don’t know about this latest Batman film. However, all the casting news that has come out recently have provided some clues. Along with Kravitz, we also know that Paul Dano will be playing The Riddler. While Jonah Hill was in talks for a role.

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