Will Henry Cavill’s Superman Appear in Black Adam?

The recent news that the long-awaited Black Adam movie will finally be coming to our screens, discussions about what the film will involve have grown rampant, with the film’s producer Hiram Garcia now being asked whether we might see an appearance from Henry Cavill‘s Superman.

“I think the DC Universe is a wonderful universe and we’re open to everything. We have big aspirations for it. We’re friends with Henry. [Dwayne] and Henry are friends, it’s a huge comic book brand as well. And I always just loved the idea. Who knows? But man, Black Adam for Superman is really cool. That’d be really powerful.”

Well, it sounds like everyone is friends, at least.

Though Gracia obviously does not confirm whether or not we will see a clash between the two superpowered supermen. He certainly does not rule it out. Making it very clear that the studio has big plans, and big aspirations, for Black Adam’s first big screen outing. They may well be looking to bring in Superman as a launch pad for further solo adventures for the Last Son of Krypton. Added to the fact that there aren’t that many opposing forces that can go head-to-head with the character. Who has been described as the strongest metahuman on Earth. Cavill’s Superman is inarguably one of the prime contenders.

There have been questions surrounding the status of Superman, with rumours abound that Henry Cavill will not be donning the red cape again. However, Cavill himself recently put these to bed, stating that the cape is still in the closet. And that he had every intention of returning to the iconic superhero role. After the moustache-gate fiasco that was Justice League, even a cameo in Black Adam could do well to re-introduce Cavill’s Man of Tomorrow to cinema-going audiences.

Aside from SupermanBlack Adam has had his own fair share of behind the scenes drama with a big screen appearance from the supervillain having been on the cards for quite some time. Hollywood megastar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been signed on to don the black spandex for equally as long. And has often communicated his passion for the project and his desire to play a fictional superhero, rather than the actual superhero he is in real life.

Though we are still very much in the dark as to what the film will be about, with Johnson playing the character it is more than likely that Black Adam will be more of an anti-hero rather than the full on villain he tends to be in the pages of comic books. Still, he is going to have to get up to something less-than-heroic to come to blows with both Superman. And his historical nemesis, Shazam.

Black Adam is currently set to hit screen on December 22, 2021. This news comes from ComicBook.com.

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