Crystal Fortune Run: A Hong Kong 1990s Science Fiction-Thriller

Crystal Fortune Run (Bao Phong Nhan) is a science fiction-thriller from Hong Kong attempts to blend the grittiness of noir-ish Blade Runner-type cyberpunk with the sweeping plot lines of animé to rather confusing effect. The story revolves around the legendary Diamond of Emperor Chen.  Which aside from its considerable inherent value — is also a key which will lead the person who possesses it to incredible wealth, supposedly half the wealth in the world.

The diamond rests somewhere in the offices of the corrupt mega-corporation Tung Tik. And the film deals with the efforts of a group of thieves led by the brilliant computer hacker Ko Kit (Anita Yuen) to get it. There’s also another thief. Wind Yip (Sharla Cheung), who has penetrated the company’s extensive security system in search of the diamond. And she teams up with Ko Kit’s gang while being pursued all the while by the obligatory dissolute alcoholic cop, Kwong (Simon Yam).

Filmed partially in Vancouver. The film’s ambitions overreach its budget. But the impressive cast (also includingKirk Wong and the film’s director Chris Lee). And offbeat presentation make it worthwhile viewing for genre fans. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi.

Movie Info

Over-the-top Hong Kong cyberpunk action reminiscent of the first two Terminator films. But with more martial arts and an opening heist brimmed with neon lighting. Worth watching if you’re in the mood for some mindless fun, or interested to see Sharla Cheung Man and Anita Yuen‘s humorous chemistry of clashing personalities.

Rating: NR
Genre: Art House & International, Drama
Cast: Sharla Cheung Man, Simon Yam, Anita Yuen
Runtime: 90 minutes

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