Sammo Hung and Fan Bingbing: The Relationship Always Be Noticed By Fans

Sammo Hung is a name that is well respected in the entertainment industry. Born in Hong Kong. Sammo Hung’s acting career began while he was training in acrobatics, martial arts and dance as a child at the China Drama Academy. He is currently retired due to his declining health and being wheelchair-bound. He has been married two times. Although his rumors in recent years have been few. One of the more shocking claims revolve around his relationship with Fan Bingbing.

In an effort to develop her film and television career at the start of her entertainment career. Fan Bingbing had traveled alone to Hong Kong and sought the support of Sammo. Who apparently had business ties at the time with both legitimate and underworld figures. She soon became involved in many productions that Sammo either directed or had invested in. Leading many to dub him as her “godfather”.  They used to collaborate in movies Dac Canh Hai Thien in 2002. This was the last time they worked together.

Around that time. Rumors started floating around that Fan Bingbing had accidentally fallen pregnant. And had taken measures to induce a miscarriage. Resulting in significant blood loss that required urgent medical attention and hospitalization. Adding fuel to the fire. A manager at Huayi Brothers Media Corporation then claimed that Fan Bingbing’s younger brother Adam Fan. He is 19 years younger. And he is actually her illegitimate child with a martial arts superstar with the surname “Hung”. Although both stories have since been disproved. They continue to follow both Fan Bingbing and Sammo.

However,  Sammo Hung admitted that he has in fact gifted a luxury home to Fan Bingbing. According to Sammo. This was done as a token of his appreciation. But he has never entered the home or been invited to it.

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