Daniel Dae Kim Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Daniel Dae Kim has revealed that he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Thursday.

The Hawaii Five-0 actor shared a 10-minute video on Instagram, opening up about his journey to the diagnosis and telling his fans to self-isolate.

“Ready for a fight? I am. Yesterday I was diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the #coronavirus,” Kim wrote. “I posted something on my Instagram page if you’d like to hear a little about my experience.”

“I wanted to let you know that yesterday I tested positive for COVID-19. The disease caused by the coronavirus,”. The actor said on Instagram.

Kim, who is in Hawaii and was tested for the disease there, said he was shooting the series New Amsterdam in New York before production shut down and he returned to Hawaii to be with his family.

Kim said he “ironically” had been playing a doctor who “gets recruited to help patients during a flu pandemic.”

“It’s important for you guys to know that I was asymptomatic during all of this time,” he said.

Kim revealed that when his flight was landing he noticed “scratchiness” in his throat. “To be safe, when I got home I quarantined myself in a room in the house and tried to rest on my own,” he said.

He revealed that once he was in the room alone, that’s when the symptoms got worse, including tightness in his chest, body aches and a fever.

Kim said he went to a “drive-thru testing facility that had just opened in Honolulu,”. And shared that he found the test to be painful.

“They shove a huge swab into your nose and into your throat.”

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