Netflix Movie: The Last Days of American Crime Trailer Plots the Heist of the Century

Netflix has released a new trailer for The Last Days of American Crime. This may not look like it on the surface, as it doesn’t involve superpowered beings saving the world. But this serves as the latest comic book adaptation that the streaming service has taken on, inspired by the graphic novel of the same name by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini. As we can see from the trailer, this is poised to be a rather unique take on a heist movie.

The trailer for this Netflix original kicks off by showing us a world in the not-too-distant future. One that is ravaged by crime, where lawbreakers run rampant. That is, until the government begins using a unique method to stop these criminals dead in their tracks. A ragtag group of people on the wrong side of the law then bands together, for various reasons, to use this technology against the government to try and pull off one major heist, perhaps the last crime in the history of America. Hence, the title. Lots of action. Lots of money. Plenty of R-rated goods.

The movie is directed by Olivier Megaton, working from a screenplay by Karl Gajdusek. Megaton previously directed action flicks such as Transporter 3 and Taken 2. The cast includes Edgar Ramírez (Joy, Hands of Stone), Michael C. Pitt (Boardwalk Empire, Funny Games), Anna Brewster (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Only Human), Patrick Bergin (Patriot Games, Sleeping With the Enemy) and Sharlto Copley (District 9, Free Fire). Jesse Berger, Jason Michael Berman and Barry Levine serve as producers. The graphic novel it is based on was released in 2009 by Radical Publishing and was met with a great deal of acclaim.

The Last Days of American Crime centers on the U.S. government which, as a final response to terrorism and crime, intends to broadcast a signal that makes it impossible for anyone to knowingly break the law. Graham Bricke (Edgar Ramírez), a lifelong criminal who was never able to take down a big score, teams up with the son of a famous crime family, Kevin Cash (Michael C. Pitt), and black market hacker Shelby Dupree (Anna Brewster). Together, they aim to commit the heist of the century. And perhaps the final crime in American history before the signal goes off.

In a summer that has largely been absent of big movies, mostly due to the massive theater shutdown that has been in place since mid-March, Netflix has stepped up to help fill the void. Chris Hemsworth’s action flick Extraction managed to become a huge hit as a result following its release in late April. The company also has Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods coming next month. As well as Charlize Theron’s The Old Guard in July. The Last Days of American Crime is set to arrive on June 5 via the Netflix streaming service. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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