Golden Armor From Wonder Woman 1984 Gets Compared to the Batsuit

Wonder Woman is getting Batman-like armor for her upcoming sequel.

Even as Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie is going for a grungy, homemade aesthetic for the caped crusader’s uniform. Wonder Woman 1984 is taking inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s take on the Batman costume. The Dark Knight costume designer Lindy Hemming spoke about bringing Wonder Woman’s golden armor to life for the upcoming movie.

Hemming explained that the golden armor is composed of “a fantastic undersuit” made of “tiny panels of urethane” applied to a catsuit. Over which gold-painted, 3D-printed polyurethane items that were created by Pierre Bohanna have been added. So the costume designer goes on to compare the golden armor to Batman’s ‘armadillo-like’ suit.

“It’s like the Batsuit, or anything: all small parts. An armadillo-like articulation means that the person can move and twist and turn. And it will return to its previous position. Having said that. It was not pleasant to wear. And no armor of any kind is pleasant to wear!”

The Golden Armor is one of the most iconic pieces of equipment in Wonder Woman’s arsenal in the comics. Where it is depicted as a straightforward battle armor modeled according to the gear used by soldiers in ancient Greece. For Hemming, the challenge of creating the armor was in piecing the whole thing together in such a way that parts of the costume could be worn for different shots while presenting the illusion of being the full armor.

“[Gal Gadot] could wear part of the armor. So she could have her legs free while she was being filmed from the waist up. And the wings would be taken away when they weren’t needed. Which was often. Patty wanted the wings to become ‘a one-woman formation of shields, so no one can attack her.'”

To pull off the effect, Hemming created several sets of wings. Including a few which had cage-like structures at the back to facilitate the camera shots of Gal Gadot wearing the wings.

Apart from discussing the work Hemming put into bringing the Golden Armor to life, director of the movie Patty Jenkins also dropped some hints regarding a character that has been kept in the shadows so far during promotions for the movie; The main villain Cheetah played by Kristen Wiig, and her relationship with Wonder Woman.

“What I love about it is they genuinely start out as friends. And hopefully, you’ll agree that the evolution into being foes tracks kind of organically. So it’s like a friendship gone wrong — as two people go on different journeys in life.”

Wiig herself teases that. “There’s a whole different version of Cheetah that you’ll see in the movie”. Apart from Cheetah, Pedro Pascal is also in the film as media mogul/supervillain Maxwell Lord. Who allies with Cheetah against Wonder Woman. Although “They never become exactly a couple or anything”. So according to Jenkins.

Such teasers and behind-the-scenes featurettes are making fans more eager than ever to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on the big screen. Hopefully, the movie will be able to stick to its release date of October 2 this time around instead of getting postponed yet again.

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