A Haunted House 2 Review: A horror film is seriously dumb and just a little depressing

Arriving at an isolated house for her first nightshift. Young carer Emily is left alone to face a terrifying vengeful spirit in this disturbingly clever, psychological horror.

Following the events of A Haunted House, Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) leaves his possessed girlfriend, Kisha, presuming her dead after a car crash. A year later, he moves in with his new girlfriend, Megan (Jaime Pressly), and her two kids. Her teen daughter becomes obsessed with an old box found in the basement. While the younger boy begins talking to an imaginary friend.

A creepy doll starts occupying Malcolm’s thoughts, as does a box of old films upstairs. Which reveal a demon trying to kill the house’s previous occupants. Now it seems a demon is on the loose again, and so ghost hunters Noreen (Missi Pyle) and Ned (Hayes MacArthur). As well as Father Williams (Cedric the Entertainer), are called in. Will Malcolm make it to another sequel?

While A Haunted House made a cursory attempt to get away from the pure spoofing of the Scary Movie series and concentrate more on characters. A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 (Ac Quy Rap Phim) simply abandons this idea. Instead, we’re back to constant sex jokes, jokes about bodily functions and excrement, jokes about race, and a few other tasteless gags. The movie attempts to spoof recent hits The Conjuring,. Insidious,. Paranormal Activity 4,. The Possession,. and Sinister but mainly just copies certain scenes and adds in big, dumb doses of slapstick.

The last movie acknowledged the relationship between the couple as they learned to live together. And then Cedric the Entertainer came in and juiced up the third act with some improvised lines. Now Malcolm has quickly jumped into a new relationship. Which isn’t explored (except to make several “interracial” references). And Cedric’s new scenes are far less fresh and not very funny. Mostly, the horror movie (phim hinh di) is seriously dumb and just a little depressing.

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