Three Crew Members Testing Positive for COVID-19, Scream 5 Production Still Continues

The long-awaited sequel recently started production in North Carolina and has already been hit with a setback.

The Scream 5 production will continue, despite three crew members testing positive for COVID-19. Work on the highly anticipated sequel brings back franchise stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courtney Cox. Hollywood studios are currently looking for the safest ways to get back to work during the ongoing public health crisis, but there are always going to be some kind of setback. Matt Reeves’ The Batman had to halt production back in March. And then again in September when star Robert Pattinson tested positive. However, things seem to be back on track now.

As for Scream 5, the positive tests were revealed yesterday, though filming was also completed yesterday. The production team will take the weekend off, before getting back to work on Monday. As for how they will be able to get back to work, it appears that the three crew members were not in the “main pod,” which includes the actors, directors, assistant directors, and director of photography. It isn’t clear which pod that the unnamed crew members were a part of.

Until a vaccine is widely available, production stalls are likely to keep occurring across the industry. Much like professional sports, the entertainment industry is going with the “bubble” way of life, along with separate pods of people who all work on the set. There is supposed to be little to none interaction between separate pods while on the set, though it’s unclear how that is being managed with so much going on behind-the-scenes. Whatever the case may be, it seems that the Scream 5 production has a good plan in play.

The three Scream 5 crew members will be quarantined for two weeks. And will continue to be tested before coming back to the set. Contact tracing measures have also been implemented to ensure that the production is able to run as smooth as possible to meet the January 14th, 2022 release date. As long as the main pod doesn’t come down with any cases, the movie should be able to finish on time to allow the post-production enough time to edit and add in visual effects. But, it’s hard to predict what will happen in the coming days, weeks, and months, though a vaccine could arrive by this winter, according to Dr. Fauci.

Scream 5 was first officially announced earlier this year. It will be the first movie in the franchise without Wes Craven’s involvement, as he passed away in 2015. The sequel is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett with Kevin Williamson serving as an executive producer. Production was expected to start back in May. But the public health crisis put a stop to that, which brings us to late September. Work will stop for the weekend, but the show will go on early Monday morning. Deadline was one of the first outlets to report on the Scream 5 crew members testing positive for coronavirus.

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