Helen Alone 2014: This is a movie of subtlety and innuendo

Having seen the movie Helen Alone and having given it such a high rating I would like to include the fact that this is a first film by a brand new Danish/US Director Henrik Poulsen which for me only adds to the quality and styale of it’s achievement.

Helen Alone (Nu Chien Binh Co Doc) is a story that recounts 24 hours of a young girls life with all the trials and tribulations that it may bring. Set in a very much now Texas town with youngsters of an all American Young/teenage background. So where the lines of real life and fantasy are constantly blurred.

Having created what I consider to be a David Lynch inspired action movie (phim hanh dong my) for teenagers. In doing so the Directors somewhat dark Danish noir subtleties are there to be explored. The leading actress playing Helen comes across with just the right amount of naivety. And strangeness to carry the movie through to it’s dreamlike conclusion. So this is a movie of subtlety and innuendo that cries out for understanding just like Helen herself.

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