Espectro 2013 Review: The movie had to be a horror movie

The movie starts with an interesting person, a psychic. I like that kind of stuff a lot. But it doesn’t take long until something bad happends. Marta (played by Paz Vega) gets raped by Mario (played by Alfonso Herrera). The movie shows how much impact a rape has on a person. Those people are traumatized and have a chance to get agoraphobia. In the movie the person is a bit overdramatic in my opinion. Mario is a weird guy. He looks very nice but apparently he isn’t.

Marta moves into a new home and as a  psychic she thinks she sees some stuff from the previous owner. Sometimes it was hard to know if something was a hallucination, a vision or the real deal. And that’s what made this movie a bit confusing sometimes. I soon thought that her visions from “the previous owner” weren’t from the previous owner but from herself. The neighbour of Marta is also a bit suspicious. She is very violent and agressive. But even at the end of the movie, I don’t really get the role the neighbour played in this movie. What kind of value she added to the story? I really don’t know. There are some really violent things happening in Espectro (bao phim). Stabbing with stuff, choking and drowning. Murder and rape. Very heavy stuff.

The movie had to be a horror movie. I get the horror in Espectro (Hon Ma Theo Duoi), but it doesn’t feel like horror. It’s not scary, not creepy and not very bloody. There were some points that were exciting, because it felt as if something was going to happen. Or because something happend that couldn’t be explained. The movie didn’t give me many feelings. It was fun to watch and I think personally, that psychics do excist and sure do know things.

The horror movie (phim ma my) didn’t get me scared or creeped out. Nor did it spook me or did I thought it was gross. The acting was mediocre. There were some good and some bad scenes. But overal there weren’t many scenes that were very authentic and realistic to me. There was even a scene that made me think about The Shining! The camera is also very normal. Sometimes you saw things from an other angle, but not a very interesting angle.

In the end it was a mediocre movie. Nothing I would watch again. It was hard to stay focused sometimes and some parts of the story didn’t make any sence to me. I would want to know more about certain subjects. I guess I would only recommend you this movie when you have some spare time and nothing else to see.

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