Mark Hamill joins The Machine With Bert Kreischer

Mark Hamill joins The Machine, inspired by Bert Kreischer’s stand-up routine about accidently joining the Russian Mob.

Star Wars icon and everyone’s favorite Jedi. Mark Hamill, has joined stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer’s The Machine. Which will take inspiration from a viral clip from one of Kreischer’s shows. Hamill will star in the movie in the movie as Kreischer’s father. With the movie based on a supposedly true story where the comedian somehow accidentally got involved with the Russian mafia while studying abroad in college.

The Machine has been describe as “The Hangover meets Midnight Run”. Which sounds like a combination that is primed for a whole host of comedic shenanigans. The stand-up routine that The Machine is taking inspiration from went viral some time ago. And has since been view more than 85 million times. The clip involves Bert Kreischer regaling the audience. With the story of his wild misadventures while in Russia during his college days. Though he had no interest in learning Russian or any studying of any kind. Kreischer did a semester in Russia just to get an easy minor. And somehow ended up drunk and joining the Russian mob by mistake, earning himself the nickname “The Machine”.

Rather than retell this story, the movie will instead find Bert’s Russian mob links catch up to him some 20 years later, when he and his father (played by Mark Hamill) are kidnapped by those whom Bert wronged several decades ago while drunk on a college semester abroad in Russia. The Machine comes courtesy of Legendary, with Peter Atencio, known for his work on the sketch show series Key & Peele and the big screen comedy Keanu, on board to direct.

The movie certainly has a lot of potential for a hilarious knockabout comedy. And it should it meet the “Hangover meets Midnight Run” comparison, could end up a modern classic of the genre. The addition of the treasure that is Mark Hamill makes The Machine an extremely appealing project, with the actor having proven over the years that he has a real penchant for comedy and is delightfully charming in anything he puts his name to.

Mark Hamill is, of course, best known for his role in the Star Wars franchise. Having played the role of Luke Skywalker in both the original trilogy and Disney’s more recent outings. He recently reprised the role once again for a surprise cameo during the finale of the popular Disney+ Star Wars series. The Mandalorian, with CGI and de-aging technology taking the actor back in time to his days as a badass Jedi Knight. This news comes from

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