A Lifetime Treasure 2019 Review: The biggest problem of comedian Andrew Lam Man Chung

The biggest problem of comedian Andrew Lam Man Chung directed, scripted and starring vehicle. “A Lifetime Treasure” is not the cast. But the overall let down of the script and often prolonged crude jokes that gets repetitive as the film progresses.

Andrew Lam is a funny guy and his comic timing is second to none. However, when other people are required to be like him and deliver those unique lines. It simply doesn’t work. Imagine Sammo Hung (Hong Kim Bao) trying to apt Lam. It may be funny at first sight, it becomes a point of diminishing returns. What works is the nostalgia feeling of old school veterans appearing on the big screen together namely the much missed Sammo Hung, Teddy Robin, Bruce Leung (Luong Tieu Long) , Richard Ng and Tien Niu.

With such a big ensemble cast of the above veteran displaying excellent chemistry. We also get good turns from Louis Cheung, Bob Lam and Ivana Wong inducing some elements of slightly more youthful comic timing. Lam Suet in particular steals his scenes like an expert in the making as the rascal and main baddie. Andrew Lam also stars himself and works well when delivering his own jokes. But unfortunately fails to translate to the rest of the cast.

All in all, A Lifetime Treasure (Cuop Vien Duong Lao) is unfortunately the weakest Chinese New Year Comedy/Film out of the five on release in Hong Kong. It tries too hard to fit in too many elements as the audience end up feeling overwhelm by the prolonged gags and constant crude jokes being thrown around. It’s a wasted opportunity, given the long missed veteran casting and as for Andrew Lam. Remains a better comedy actor than director.

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