Scarred Memory 1996 Review: Simon Yam is extremely sympathetic

Ex-Category 3 starlet Veronica Yip is a young doctor who’s suffering psychological trauma after being raped. She has an understanding boyfriend and best friend, but the pressure of her sexual frigidity gets to them and she finds them in extra-curricular activity. Due to her shame and alienation, she neglects a bloodied patient (Simon Yam) who arrives at the ER. She’s punished by her superiors whereupon she quits to rest in Macau.

Then guess who shows up: Simon Yam (Nham Dat Hoa), who’s become “special” thanks to his head trauma. Veronica decides to try to heal him and the two form a poignant bond. In healing him, she begins to heal herself as well. However, the humanistic part of the story gives way to a lurking horror. Veronica’s rapist was a former rival of Simon’s, and his return also marks the return of Simon’s past. Simon’s memory slowly returns, and the horror of who he was and what he did can only mean bad things for he and Veronica.

Shot with an overbearing but appropriate amount of style. Scarred Memory (Ky Uc Duc Vong) succeeds at being an affecting psychological drama before it gives way to the typical HK need to add triads and chase sequences to every movie. Yam is extremely sympathetic despite his shady character and Yip  (Diep Ngoc Khanh) is fine, too. Definitely worth a look.

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